Several years ago, while furnishing a new house, my husband and I decided that the traditional mattresses weren't the route to go but rather, we wanted organic. We stumbled upon Green Dwellers and had an unheard of mattress experience. The owner, Mylene, was pleasant and extremely knowledgeable about the products in her store. She was also well versed in options and availability of both mattresses and bedding products. We ultimately purchased beds for our Florida home and now for another home in Mass. We are thrilled with the product, and all the promises made by Mylene. Green Dwellers will be our only mattress and bedding source which our bodies and minds are thankful for.   Sincerely, Carolynn from Miami

Good Afternoon Mylene,

Just wanted to tell you that all was received in good condition. The delivery person was very accommodating. My husband & son had no trouble setting everything up. This weekend was my first big test. After 2 full days of gardening, I fell into bed last night exhausted, with every part of my body aching. My rest was more soothing then with my old mattress to be sure. The mattress can not restore my youth but I look forward to it helping to ease the discomfort of my aches & pains. Thank you for your time spent with us, along with the personal service you provided.  

 -Lori, Boca Raton
Hi Mylene, 

Though it took us a very long time to get to your store and pick out a bed it was so worth the wait.  There was no way I was going to buy a bed with flame proofing chemicals all over it, it would probably kill me or at a minimum make me very sick.  We got far more than just a chemical free bed, it is the most comfortable bed we have ever slept on, heavenly!  My husband can't keep his eyes open for more than 5 minutes once he's in it!  Thank you so very much!  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  -Jill and Randy, Tampa

I shopped for 2 months for a mattress that I wanted to commit to. I eat healthfully, exercise and try to make environmentally conscientious decisions. Making this purchase felt like a continuation of these values. Most importantly the mattress is pure bliss to sleep on.  You are clearly very informed about your business which made the decision easier. Thank You, Hillary, Ft. Lauderdale.

Hi, Everything got here just fine yesterday, and I truly enjoyed my first night's sleep on the bed last night.    Thanks again and best wishes, Dave - Miami

Hello, The delivery of my mattress went very well. The guys were very polite and clean, washing hands before handling mattress. The mattress is very comfortable and I am happy :) Jim -Miami

Buying a Savvy Rest mattress from Mylene at Green Dwellers - The Florida Organic Mattress Store was the best decision I could have made. I wanted a non-synthetic mattress and considered buying one online. But, a mattress is an important and very personal investment. The quality of your sleep matters and there is no substitute for experiencing a mattress in person. Mylene knows her products, she had good suggestions, and she was beyond patient as I made my way around the store multiple times trying out different combinations of mattresses, pillows, and toppers. As a side and back sleeper, I opted for the softest combination we could come up with. I feel like I'm in a cocoon when I nestle in my bed each night and am extremely happy with my purchase. My mattress was shipped promptly and was easy to assemble. The mattress and topper are well made and I am especially thankful that I am not breathing in noxious fumes from a synthetic memory foam mattress. I wish I could stay in bed all day!

If you are in the market for a mattress, go see Mylene. You won't be disappointed.

Thank you again, Karen

We have been very pleased with our two Savvy Rest mattresses. Sleeping on them is a dream! And we were also very pleased with the customer service we received from Green Dwellers. Mylene went out of her way to accommodate us, which was especially important at the time, as we were expecting our first baby shortly. Thank you Green Dwellers!

- Carrie, Coral Gables

Hi, I left you a message to tell you the service was great and I am loving my bed. I have been back pain free since sleeping in my new mattress. Grateful, Lucy, Vero Beach

Green Dwellers exceeded my expectations. There was a slight problem with my order.  Karoline was extremely helpful beyond great customer service in resolving the issue. I'm am very satisfied and would use Green Dwellers for all my bedding needs. -Ken Gegerson DMD, Parkland

Our mattress was delivered two days ago, and we have had two nights of great sleeping. -Harold, Boca Raton

Green Dwellers Organic mattress is the best sleep I have had in ages. The delivery was punctual.  The bed was easy to assemble.  I sleep all night long and the reason is no off-gassing!  No burning eyes and no itching skin which is what I was experiencing before getting Green Dwellers Organic Mattress. Regards, Pat, Kissimmee

My husband and I purchased a queen size Savvy Rest Mattress 2 months ago and were amazed how well we have slept since that first night.  My husband unexpectedly had to have coronary bypass surgery a month after purchasing our Savvy Mattress and believe his recovery has been aided by the quality of sleep he gets. Once home no medication for pain or sleep aids were needed.  We are extremely thankful his surgery went so well and we both are able to get a restful nights sleep. I am one happy caretaker with my husband on the road to recovery.    -Bonnie, Tampa

Thank you for your assistance with the purchase of our Savvy Rest Earthspring mattress. We are very pleased to have purchased a bed that is both comfortable and safe, with no unhealthy chemicals.
Thanks again,
Stefanie ~Sunrise

Hi Mylene!

Tim and I LOVE the bed!! It is the most comfortable thing ever!! :-) And, regarding the color of the bed frame - I am completely sure we received the color we ordered and that there was no mixup. It just looked a little lighter on the sample she showed us in the store. However, no worries - we love it - and it goes wonderfully well with the new color of the paint in that room. :-) Just wanted to make sure that I touched base with you to let you know that all is well.

I so appreciate your wonderful customer service and will look forward to buying from your store again in the future!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! All the best, ~Jen, Tampa

Hi Mylene, thank you for your note. I am enjoying my Serenity organic mattress, the wool comforter, the duvet cover, the 3" Wooly and the wonderful Bambo sheets, I just love them.  I will be wanting to purchase  another set or two  in December, and 1 queen size pillow barrier cover.  - Marilyn, Sunrise, FL

My husband and I were all excited about the new Temper Pedic mattress we were about to purchase until we heard about the terrible odor it has. After a bit of research we were concerned and decided to peruse an organic version made out of the natural rubber plant and stumbled upon 'Green Dwellers'. The owner Mylene was not only very pleasant but extremely knowledgeable and we instead purchased an electric Royal Pedic mattress which we are thrilled with. My husband loves all the adjustments he can make, and I love the feel of it. I don't think we have ever slept on a better mattress!!

Thank you Mylene for many wonderful nights rest!!  - Carolynn, Coral Gables

My husband & I are extremely satisfied with our Organic & Latex mattress we purchased in June.  Our expectations were high because of the cost involved and we have NO complaints!  Other than our comfort levels / solid sleeping 'exceeding' expectations we no longer wake up in pain --so amazing.  We are satisfied with the product & service provided ...totally worth the cost. 

Anyone considering a Tempurpedic MUST try these first!   Thanks! -Cheryl
Dear Mylene,

Just over a month ago I found your local store when searching for an "organic / eco-friendly" mattress. I was so relieved to be able to come try out the mattresses in person and even more delighted with the large selection of choices and the results. Your knowledge about the beds, their manufacturers, materials used and last but not least passion for providing a good product - made it an easy decision for me. Now having spent several weeks in my new OMI bed (with new pillows and "wooly") I sleep more soundly and have fewer allergy symptoms.

I can't thank you enough for having great quality products and offering your expertise with my mattress selection. I hope that more people become educated about the importance of a good night's rest and how important it is to sleep on a HEALTHY mattress (for us and our environment).

Warmest Regards,



We love our new mattress. It was easy to assemble and is so comfortable. We're glad we made the investment.   ~Cathy 

As an endurance athlete, there are few things more important to successful training than at least ten hours of deep sleep per night. My old mattress, although expensive gave me aches and made me sweat.  My new organic savvy rest mattress is the best I have ever had, I go to sleep quickly and wake fully rested and recovered. I would highly recommend getting an organic mattress to anyone that wants the best sleep possible.  - Ben, Ft. Lauderdale

We love the mattress and pillows we bought from you last year! Never slept better, thank you. - Joe, Miami
We love our bed…thank you! - Erin, Miami
Best mattress I ever slept on! Thanks! - Ben, East Ft. Lauderdale

"Oh! I forgot to tell you how much I LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE my new bed! I would never have believed that I would sleep SO much better. I thought I would be more comfortable and feel better when I got up but I am surprised at how well I actually sleep! It is WONDERFUL!" - Catherine, East Ft. Lauderdale
Posted on our Facebook page: We love our Savvy Rest Organic Mattress. Been 2 years now. You were the best, so helpful. The bamboo sheets are great too. They feel much nicer than cotton. It's funny, initially my husband did not see the point of a toxic free comfy mattress. Now he's a fan and even mentions that it was a good decision. We both sleep better. Thanks so much Mylene! - Michelle, WPB

Mylene - Thank you for keeping in touch.  It has been a wonderful, eventful 2011 and I have not forgotten you!  How could I when every morning I wake up so refreshed from a great nights rest on my Royal Pedic Mattress, energized and ready for my day.  I love it and it is not too firm for me.  Hope all is going well with you and your business (super products and fabulous customer service).

Take Care! - Jan, Port St. Lucie

Hi Mylene,

We are really happy with our mattress and wanted to let you know two specific areas in which we are so grateful for. My husband used to wake up sneezing every morning with allergies, which we thought were from the rugs or curtains, until we switched to Savvy Rest and the sneezing stopped. We couldn't believe it until we went on vacation to a hotel and is sneezing allergies appeared.

The other great change that I saw was that it didn't take me an hour to fall asleep. I used to take a long time to fall asleep and now I don't even notice because it happens so fast. It is really unbelievable that a mattress can change the way we rest. Thank you so much!

-Stephanie, Hollywood

I have bought several products from Green Dwellers. My most favorites are the Kapok pillows. There are so comfortable! My sister even just bought an organic mattress there. The thing that I like is the fact that Mylene the owner is extremely knowledgeable about her products. She sells good "green" products. I recommend her store very much.

-Beth, Pompano Bch.

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